About the artist

Armed with extensive experience as a backing vocalist for some of the top shelve musicians in the country, Nomcebo has found her mojo as a solo singer. Her single, Imizamo Yami, bursts with fresh and throbbing beats as she presents her brand of Afro house. She wants to use her talent to send messages and the track keeps to that. It’s about unrequited love where one gives so much of themselves while the other party shows no appreciation and takes her for granted. She says this applies not only in romance, but also in families and friendships.

Nomcebo came to Johannesburg from her KwaZulu-Natal hometown of Hammarsdale in 2003 to pursue her music dream. Nomcebo knew earlier on in her life that she would wind up a musician, but there was no grooming or support at her school. In fact, she shares a story of how she used to be laughed at whenever she said she would be a singer on career day. Her dreams were validated when she came to Johannesburg and realised that one could study music after all.